Make them Green with Envy

Make them Green with Envy


With St. Patrick’s Day just around the corner, there’s no better time than now to play with what is arguably the most overlooked shade of the hair color rainbow…GREEN.


When we think of green, all kinds of things are brought to mind:

  • Eco-friendly/organic products (or ‘going green’) 
  • Cold, hard cash - show me the money, honey!
  • Nature, tranquility, health, and harmony
  • Ireland – the luck of the Irish and the ‘Emerald Isle’


And of course, who could forget one of the most sinful of those seven deadly sins...ENVY

Look, we don’t exactly want you to inspire jealousy in others, but inspiring a little envy every now and then can be fun! Who doesn’t want to look or wear something that catches attention, turns heads, and makes other people want to try it out? It’s the time of year where everyone’s looking for a little turn in their luck, so why not play around with a new, vibrant, green-hued hair color to make everyone else green with envy.


We’re not talking about chlorine-stained green, or funky, faded teals. We’re talking about BOLDILLUSTRIOUSCOLORFUL pops of emerald, jade, mint, teal, neon, and forest!


Say goodbye to sticky-icky greens and HELLO to beautiful, brilliant bursts of vivid, vibrant color.


Splat’s huge collection of enviously-inspiring green shades can help you achieve whatever look you’re going for – whether it’s temporary color, electric pops of neon, subtle and work-appropriate hues, or truly transformed tresses. Check out our color options for all-things-green below:


Neon Green (original color kit with bleach) for a truly head-turning statement. Long-lasting bright green semi-permanent hair color approximately 4-6 weeks wear time.


Envy Me (from our New Double-Lift Permanent color collection) for a dark, muted green that works best on virgin brown hair.


Deep Emerald (original color kit with bleach) for a deep and cool emerald color. Semi-permanent green hair dye lasts approximately 4-6 weeks.


Midnight Jade (from the Midnights collection) for a deep green and touch-of-teal that’s great for medium brown hair. Semi-permanent direct dye formula lasts approximately 4-6 weeks.


Naturals Teal (from our Naturals Collection) for ultra-conditioned and rich, true color. Semi-permanent vegan teal color lasts up to 6 weeks. 95% Natural Formula


Tantalizing Teal (original color kit with bleach) for a vivid, cool blue-green shade. Semi-permanent teal hair dye lasts approximately 4-6 weeks.


Mint Shake (10-wash temporary color) for a pastel-inspired look applied to platinum hair. For best results hair should be bleached to level 10 prior to application.


Electric Green (1-wash temporary color) for a bright pop of color on any hair color.


Keep in mind that when dyeing your hair green, starting off with a blank canvas allows the color to achieve its truest results. This means that with most formulas above, you’ll need to bleach or lighten your hair before coloring to see the best results. Splat’s Original Complete color kits come with everything you need – including bleach! – to help you get the lightest hair possible so that your color can deposit evenly, correctly and to its most true shade. Check out our blog on color science here to learn more about exactly why you need to bleach and tone when you’re using vivid colors.


If you’re not interested or ready to take the dive into bleaching, reach for Envy Me or Midnight Jade which are darker greens formulated for naturally brown hair. 


And, if you recently dyed your hair blue – because Who Says Winter Blues Is A Bad Thing – it’s easy to transition into a teal or bold green (with Naturals TealTantalizing Teal, or Emerald Green). 


More and more celebrities have been jumping on the green-inspired bandwagon recently, including:

Joe Jonas (with his forest green/teal ‘do)

Photo via Bustle

Hilary Duff (rocking some gorgeous teal tresses)

Photo via Instagram


SZA (with her electric, lime-green color)

Photo via Elite Daily


Billie Eilish (the quintessential green queen with her roots-only look)

Photo via The Cut


Chloe Norgaard (with her amazing ombre blend from vivid-to-lime green)

Image via Racked


Green is like money, honey, and we want more! It’s one of the more uncommon color choices, but it’s the perfect time of year to bring it right to center stage. Last year was dedicated to taking a time-out and really learning about ourselves. This year, it’s all about being our truest, more authentic selves, and a green-inspired look – whether it’s jade, emerald, neon, mint, forest, or otherwise – is a great way to keep you ‘grounded’ and down to your roots.


If you’re feeling especially creative, don’t be afraid to play around with where you put your color! You don’t have to rock a root-to-tip look, and you don’t have to play with just one shade of green. Consider using one of the trends here and have fun with highlights, ombre, dip-dyed ends, or the roots-only look.


One of the best parts about green hair is that it looks good on everybody - no matter your skin tone, eye color, haircut, or style. Choosing the right shade is easy, too, and a complementary color can really make your eyes POP.


If you have fair - to light skin, we suggest starting with lighter, brighter shades (like Neon GreenTantalizing Teal, or Mint Shake).


If you have dark to medium brown hair, then deeper, bolder hues are a great choice (like Envy MeDeep EmeraldMidnight Jade).


Once you’ve achieved your new color, make sure to take some steps to maintain your look by using color-safe/sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners, washing your hair with cool/cold water, and using heat protectants and hair masques to help retain and refresh your color. We’re excited to launch a new line of color masques later this month, so keep your eyes peeled!


Spring is (almost) in the air, and with that, it’s time a brand new pop of color in your hair! No matter what vibe you’re trying to embody – whether it’s financial prosperity, peace and tranquility, a little bit of luck, or you just don’t give a you-know-what – the point is….it’s time to go green, queen.

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