Top 10 Bright Colorful Fall Hairstyles

Top 10 Bright Colorful Fall Hairstyles

Top 10 Bright Colorful Fall Hairstyles You Can Create At-Home


Changing seasons call for changing your hair color. We’ve rounded up our top picks for bright fall hair colors for you to try with tips on how to create the looks at home with Splat Hair Color. Let's get into it...


1. Bold Blue and Natural Curls

Summer may have caused some damage to your hair from the sun and swimming. Properly hydrating your hair and opting for heatless hairstyles is one of the best ways to keep your hair healthy & extra bright. Pure Sapphire is used to add more fun to these natural curls. 

Pro-Tip: Add in our Gloss Conditioning Masque for maximum hydration and shine. We recommend using the Gloss once per week in-between coloring sessions.


2. Gemstone Purple

Rich jewel tones are one of our favorite fall hair color trends for 2021 with purple being a bold choice that looks amazing on everyone. Midnight Tanzanite is a powerful purple hair dye formulated to even work for brunettes. 

Pro-Tip: To amp up the intensity, we recommend pre-lightening your hair with our Lightening Bleach Kit which is pre-measured for easy mixing and application.


3. Rust/Burnt Orange

Ginger red hair is always one of the biggest hair color trends for fall, but for our Splat Squad we know y’all like to up the ante. Mixing two of our Complete Kits in Crimson Obsession & Orange Fireballs allows you to pre-lighten and then deposit a high-intensity ginger color to your strands. We can not get enough of this gorgeous fall color.

Pro Tip: Perform a strand test on a small section of your hair at the nape of your neck with bleach and custom burnt orange hair color to make sure the shade is toasty enough for your skin tone.


4. Two-Tone Blue & Purple

Playing with multiple colors on your hair is not only original but is also a fun way to add cooler dimension for cooler temperatures. Ombre Dream Complete Kit includes bleach to lift your starting hair color up to 5 levels and two ultra-pigmented semi-permanent colors.


Pro-Tip: if your hair is longer than your shoulders buy at least one extra box. Full saturation is a must for even application & gorgeous ombre results.


5. Sunset Hair

​​Go the opposite direction of cooler ombre in the fall and incorporate the red & oranges of the changing leaves. Ombre Fire Complete Kit includes bleach to lift your starting hair color up to 5 levels and two ultra-pigmented semi-permanent colors.


Pro-Tip: Keep your color from fading by using sulfate-free shampoos and washing only 1-2 times per week - and always with COLD water. We know cold water is not super comfortable in the cooler seasons, but there are other health benefits to a cold shot! Your color and shine are better sealed in, plus it’ll help you to wake up!



We’ll be really honest, this shade of hot hot pink really looks good all year round. Naturals Magenta is formulated with an extra thick consistency for precise application and less mess. This pink hair color has micro pigments of color to really grab hold of your hair. Splat Hair Dye’s formulas are all vegan & cruelty-free with added moisturizers & extracts to maintain healthy hair. You won’t need to bleach your hair if your starting shade level is a level 7 or lighter.


Pro-Tip: Learn more about hair color levels & why it is important to get the bold fantasy hair color you want. Very dark hair will always need to be lightened to achieve super vivid hair color.


7. Intense Root Smudge

An intense root smudge hair color trend combines dark and expressive bold blue. We would recreate this look by combining Midnight Jade & Midnight Indigo for a moody teal hair color. This is a really cool option for less maintenance with less bleaching. 

Pro-Tip: If your hair is a level 6 or darker, we recommend bleaching the ends of your hair and subtly blending it upwards where you want the bold color to begin. You can transition from the dark teal color to your next bold shade by using a bleach wash on the colored portion of your hair.


8. Lemon Lime Color Melt

A lemon-lime color melt is a jaw-dropping hair trend that we are 100% here for. Our Original Complete Kits can all be mixed together to create custom colors like this lemon-lime shade. Lemon Drop Neon Green can be used to recreate this look by adding the yellow hair dye to all of your hair, then adding and blending green towards the bottom.

Pro-Tip: Cover your hairline & ears with petroleum jelly to prevent hair dye from staining your skin. If you do get some color on your skin we recommend Color Oops wipes to remove the hair dye from your skin.


9. Pastel Pink Hair

Pastel Pink is an all-year-round staple in bright hair colors. More and more we are seeing pastel pink hair pop up in unexpected ways. Go all over cotton candy pink hair by bleaching your hair, then using Pink Fetish + Pastel Mixer. If you have blonde hair, applying your custom hair color of Pink Fetish + Pastel Mixer to face-framing pieces is the subtle way to pull off this look. 

Pro-Tip: use two mixing bowls to create two pink pastel shades, one more pigmented than the other, to add dimension by using the deeper mix on the bottom half of your hair. Be sure to read our hair color science article to help you get your favorite shade of pastel pink hair at home.


10. Rocker Cut Teal

Another jeweled tone in Tantalizing Teal. You’re seeing the pattern for jeweled tone hair color being our fall 2021 hair color trend favorite. What makes this teal hair look even better is the punk rock hairstyle.


Pro-Tip: To make your semi-permanent teal hair color last even longer use our Color Conditioning Masque in Teal once a week & exclusively wash your hair in cold water. No more dull fading hues for you!


We are so excited to see your creativity soar with whatever hair color or application you choose this fall. Be sure to tag us on Instagram or TikTok @Splathairdye #splatsquad for a chance to be featured!

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