Halloween 2022 Hottest Looks

Halloween 2022 Hottest Looks

Halloween is one of America’s most beloved holidays. This fall, Americans are predicted to spend more than $10 billion on Halloween costumes, decorations, and candy. But why do we love Halloween so much?

Regardless of age, wearing a costume may help us temporarily escape our sense of self. For better or worse, we enjoy the freedom and secrecy granted by trying on another identity, even if only for one evening. Halloween costumes are a fun way to come to detach from the chaos of our daily lives.

The costume choices are endless, from spooky to downright scary. But if you’re looking for suggestions that are made up of sugar and spice and everything nice, here are two options where using Splat Hair Color will surely make heads turn – in the best way possible!


Dressing up with a younger sibling or child is always a great way to get in on the Halloween fun! The Mushroom Queen and her Princess are easy to replicate, requiring red and white clothing, red and sparkly makeup, and red and pink chunks of Splat Hair Color.

Use Spalt Hair Chalk in Dusty Rose on the young princess. This easy and mess-free way to get creative washes out with shampoo. To use, section hair for placement. Hold hair at the base of the scalp to avoid pulling. Place the hair between the compact and the sponge, dragging the chalk down the strands. Repeat until section is as dark or as light as desired. Repeat throughout entire top layer, alternating sections between fully saturated and lightly dusted.  


The queen needs a little more drama when it comes to her crowning glory. Use Spalt Singles in Luscious Raspberries. The unique liquid-gel formula glides easily onto blonde or pre-lightened hair and is best applied with a tint bowl and brush to achieve perfectly bold streaks. Just remember to keep the following things in mind when it comes to coloring:

  • Wear gloves and loose/old clothing when coloring your hair to avoid any unwanted stains
  • Vivid colors show up best on blonde or pre-lightened hair (the lighter, the brighter!)
  • Apply petroleum jelly around your hairline, ears, and neck to prevent staining
  • Start coloring your hair about an inch away from your scalp or root part. Drag the color down the shaft of your hair for precise control and an even application
  • Rinse with cold/cool water and use sulfate-free/color-safe shampoos and conditioner to help lock in color for long-lasting results




The mythical creature of the sea is half woman, half fish. Characterized by her flaming red hair, Splat’s Complete Bleach and Hair Color Kit in Luscious Raspberries has everything you need to achieve this extremely vivid, long-lasting, semi-permanent hair color. While dark hair must be lightened for vibrant results, product results vary depending on the starting shade level and condition of the hair. Splat Complete Kits contain pre-measured, blue-powdered bleach for easy application. The fast-acting formula that takes just 30 minutes to lift with minimal underlying yellow tones.

Once hair is lightened, rinse and dry hair to prepare for the color application. Be sure to read the instructions and prep everything before you begin. Wear gloves and use old towels to catch any excess color. Apply to hair from bottle or using a bowl and brush for more control. Fully saturate hair but DO NOT RUB INTO SCALP. Allow color to process for 45-60 minutes before rinsing color. Follow with sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner and blow dry hair. Part hair down the middle and braid a thick section of the top layer of hair in the direction of the back of the head on both sides. Clip together at the back of the head, and voila! Mermaid vibes.


Don’t forget, every Splat Hair Color formulation is vegan and free of Parabens, Sulfates, PPDs and Ammonia. Baobab Seed Oil moisturizes, provides shine, and helps protect from UV rays while Quinoa Extract is packed with vitamins and minerals to help prevent breakage.

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