2023’s Hottest Halloween Hair

2023’s Hottest Halloween Hair

Halloween is the time where you can become anything or anyone you want. Regardless of where you live or how old you are, it’s always fun to put on a costume and pretend to be someone else for a night. You can wear something that’s spooky, cute, classic, or completely made up. The options are truly endless!


If you’re not totally sure what you want to dress up as this year, we’ve got a few suggestions for you… and how you can use Splat Hair Color to pull anything off!


Leeloo from The 5th Element


Leeloo’s fiery orange bob is so easy to recreate. Starting with blonde or pre-lightened hair, use Splat’s Orange Fireballs Liquid Hair Color to get a bright, bold hue that the strong-willed character would love. If you want to go the extra mile, add some strands of Tantalizing Teal to match her captivating eye color.


Disco Queen


If you need an easy costume you can throw together at home, go for this modern take on the Disco Queen. Try Splat’s Midnight Onyx for a more “natural” hair color or use Splat 'singles to throw in some bright shades that really channel the colorful vibes of the 70s. Just be sure to blow your hair out once you finish dyeing to get that Farrah Fawcett-approved style.


You’ve Got Team Spirit!


Whether you’re dressing up as a cheerleader or just a big sports fan, this Team Spirit-inspired costume is sure to turn some heads this Halloween. You can add some peek-a-boo sections or go full-out with a split dye job. Just remember to start with pre-lightened hair before adding your team’s colors. Amethyst and Lemon Drop are the perfect options for all you Lakers fans! ;)


Edward Scissorhands


Get a little more creative with your Edward Scissorhands look by adding a vibrant hair color! The artistic character would definitely approve of switching out his dark strands for a bright color like Splat’s Pink Fetish. Just be sure to lighten, rinse, and dry your hair before you get to dyeing. And use a teasing comb to really perfect that big and messy look.


Wednesday Addams


Dressing up as Wednesday Addams – the queen of spooky season – is always a good idea. Whether you have dark stands, light hair, or plan to wear a wig, anyone can recreate this look. Just lock in your bold, black hair with Splat’s Onyx, or put a twist on the classic look by adding a pop of color with any Color Crush Foam hair color.


Enid Sinclair


Another iconic character with iconic hair from Wednesday is Enid Sinclair. Her short, blonde bob with colored ends is so easy to do. Splat’s Brilliant Toning Foam in Rose Gold and Titanium will add the perfect pastel colors in just 20 minutes! Just be sure to apply it to highlighted or pre-lightened hair, and you’ll have the perfect Enid costume.


Jessica Rabbit


If you’re looking for a red-hot costume this year, Jessica Rabbit is your girl. Honestly, if red hair was owned by anyone, it would be her! To recreate her luscious hair, you have a couple of options. Splat’s Crimson is a deeper shade of red, and Scarlet is a brighter, bolder color. Choose your fave or alternate the two colors as you dye your hair to create some dimension.


Mystical Fairy


Mystical Fairies are a fun, unique Halloween costume that you truly can’t go wrong with. Throw on your most ethereal dress, rock some sparkling makeup (don’t forget your fairy ears or horns!) and give your hair a major boost of color. If “forest fairy” is more your vibe, go for Splat’s Mossy Mistress hair color. If you like a more toned-down look, try Sinful Silver.


Hi Barbie!


One of the most popular costumes you’ll see this year is the iconic Barbie. You can really go in any direction with your doll look: add peek-a-boos of color with Splat’s Color Crush Foam Color line (the pink shade will match Margot Robbie’s cowgirl Barbie look perfectly!) or try one of the Brilliant Foam Toners to get gorgeous pastel colored hair.


Pin-Up Girl


Another head-turning costume to try this year is a Pin-Up Girl. The 1940s-inspired get-up has changed a lot over the years. It’s gone from more natural hair colors, like black and brunette to vibrant and full of color. To make this look “edgy” and bold, dye your pre-lightened stands with Splat’s Whipped Cherry (a gorgeous bright red) or Magenta (a hot hot pink).


Glam Rocker


For this Glam Rocker moment, you can go for a 70s-inspired vibe without blown-out hair or have an 80s moment with major teasing. No matter where you pull your inspo from, adding in a fun hair color will take your look so much further. You can create a rainbow using multiple colors like Splat’s Jasper and Tantalizing Teal or take a risk and dye it all one bold shade. Just make sure to start the dyeing process with blonde or pre-lightened hair!




Everyone was obsessed with Elvis this year, so you can expect to see the iconic character all over this Halloween. If you’re wanting to do your best impression of the king of rock and roll, use Splat’s Midnight Onyx hair color to lock in his dark strands. But if you want to stand out among the sea of Elvises, use Blue Envy to add some colorful highlights to your pompadour.


Now, before you get to dyeing, Splat has some super helpful how-to videos that will make sure you get the job done right this Halloween. Click here to check them out. And you’ll be one step closer to slaying your costume this year.


Which look are you going for this Halloween? Comment below! We can’t wait to see what you come up with.

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