Fresh Style For Back To School

Fresh Style For Back To School

It’s back-to-school time! And it’s the perfect opportunity to refresh your hair with an on-trend cut, style, or color. No matter what length, texture, or current color your hair is, here are some of the best back-to-school looks to try:


Gemini Hair 

If you want to turn heads in the classroom, Gemini Hair is all you need. The two-toned dye job is bold, bright, and beautiful. Just pick your two favorite colors, split your hair down the middle, and get to dyeing! We recommend Euphoric Blue and Deep Emerald (they honestly look amazing together!) or you can even try the “skunk” hair trend with half-blonde stands and half-Midnight Onyx.

Baby Bangs

Baby bangs are short enough to show off your gorgeous face and edgy enough to make you stand out. Plus, they look great on all hair lengths — short, long, or layered! For a boost of color, try dip dyeing the ends or making your bangs the star with your favorite Splat hue. Pro tip: you can lighten and bright with Splat Brilliant Bleach and play with the Splat’s Pastel Mixer to create your own unique shade! 

Luxe Blonde

This hair color trend is the perfect way to make your summer blonde work in the fall time. Luxe Blonde is a mix of golden and honey hues that are maintainable and still gorgeous. For this trend, use Splat’s Brilliant Bleach and Foam Toners to keep your hair light, shiny, and refreshed for the new school year.

Caramel Babylights

If you want a little brightening action, try adding in some caramel babylights! Babylights are tiny, delicate highlights that are placed throughout your hair to add dimension and vibrancy. Focus on the areas around your face with Splat’s Brilliant Toning Foam in Mushroom Brown to create money pieces and lock in that multi-dimensional look.

Claw Clips

The 90’s are back in full force! And claw clips are the perfect choice for a cute, effortless style. All you have to do is gather your hair in a little twist and pin it up with your claw clip of choice. If your hair is on the shorter side, simply use elastics to create small buns and then clip them together. You can also add in some temporary color to increase the fun!


This year’s hair trends are all about having fun! And pigtails truly look great on everyone — especially with a pop of color. A bold money piece using Tantalizing Teal or Midnight Magenta will take your hair that much further. You can even braid your pigtails to weave the added color throughout. If a completely slicked-back look isn’t your favorite, let a few face-framing strands fall out for a more “lived-in” vibe.

Bubble Braids

Bubble braids are all over TikTok right now because they’re easy and stylish. Simply put your hair in a high ponytail, place an elastic every 1-2 inches down, and pull the hair in between each section to loosen it up. You’ll have the perfect bubble braid in just a couple of minutes! If you want to elevate this look even more, use Splat’s Halo Spray to create a shimmery glitter effect all over your braid.

Which hair trend are you trying this year? Let us know in the comments or tag us using #SplatSquad 

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