Who Said Winter Blues Was A Bad Thing?

Who Said Winter Blues Was A Bad Thing?

Who Said Winter Blues Was A Bad Thing?
If you’ve ever watched Game of Thrones, then you’re familiar with the ever-present warning, “Winter is coming.” The TV show characters had every right to fear the change in seasons (see: White Walkers), but those of us living in the real world have our own reasons for wanting to avoid the coldest time of the year...For many of us, changes in weather are directly related to changes in our mood and appearance. You might refer to this duller and more dismal state of being as ‘the winter blues,’ but here at Splat, we want to shake up that thought and ask: Who says the winter blues has to be a bad thing?

We spent most of last year indoors, at home, and worrying about the future. This year, it’s time to shake off that sense of doom and gloom and change our perspective on the year to come! And there’s no better way to combat those ‘winter blues’ than by wearing them proudly on your...ahem, head…and rocking a new bold, beautiful, blue-hued hair color. And one of the best parts about blue hair color is that blue shades can look good on anyone.

Whether you’re going for an inky blue-black (like Splat’s Midnight Indigo), a brighter blue-green (like our Tantalizing Teal), or a frosty light blue (like our Silver Moon hair chalk), we’ve got you covered when it comes to blue color. We have 18 different blue shades to choose from. If you’re looking for a temporary transformation, a burst of added color, or a long-term change, Splat’s color kits include everything you need - including bleach in our Complete Kits - to help you achieve the look.

The list of celebrities who have rocked blue hair over the years is long: see Gwen Stefani, Kim & Kylie Kardashian, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Demi Lovato, Joe Jonas, and of course, Hilary Duff, who helped pave the way for at-home hair color transformations last year. It only takes a quick Google search to find the celebrity pic that best inspires you. To help you in your ‘winter blues’ journey, we’ve gathered a list of some of our favorite celebrity looks and matched them to the Splat hair color choice that can help you achieve the same result:

Image from StealHerStyle

Nicole Richie has sported several different shades of blue over the years, including an inky blue-black pixie cut (love!) and a frosted icy blue. Splat’s Midnight Kits in Indigo or Azure are great for darker blue-black color. Try Splat’s Novel Teal to recreate Nicole’s lighter, frostier color.

Image from Cosmopolitan

Billie Eilish is one of the most well-known hair chameleons out there, and she regularly rocks a variety of different shades of blue. We suggest Splat’s Aqua Rush for her trademark, vivid blue color.

Instagram @kyliejenner
Kylie Jenner/Kardashian, of kourse, makes our list of top celebrity blues: she is a huge inspiration when it comes to vivid hair color. She’s rocked all shades of blue over the years, and Splat’s color options can help you achieve any one of them! Try Splat’s Euphoric Blue to get Kylie’s deep, bold blue; for a short-term blue, try 10-Wash in Blue By You; and if you want to temporarily try out her frostier, pastel color, consider Splat’s Hair Chalk in Silver Moon.

Transforming your hair into vivid blue shade has never been easier, and Splat offers a wide variety of color kits to help you achieve the look you’re going for:
  • Midnight No Bleach Color Kits (in Midnight Indigo or Midnight Azure)
  • Original Complete Color Kits (in Blue Envy, Aqua Rush, Euphoric Blue, or Pure Sapphire)
  • 10-Wash Color Kits (in Novel Teal and Blue By You)
  • 1-Wash Color Kits (in Bolder Blue)
  • Naturals Conditioning Semi-Permanent Color Kits (in Teal, Navy Blue, or Blue)
  • Ombre Complete Color Kits (in Ocean or Dream)
  • Hair Chalk Temporary Hair Color (in Silver Moon or Midnight Blue)

And, once you’ve achieved your bold new blue, try incorporating the following steps to your after-color hair routine to keep your hair looking its best:

  • Wash your hair with cooler water to close your hair’s cuticle, which helps to lock in moisture and retain your color.
  • Use sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners after dyeing to protect your color.
  • Consider adding a blue-based color masque to your hair care routine once a week. Color-depositing masques help apply or refresh color in the shower, which helps you to maintain your vibrant hues. You can create your own masque refresh by mixing a dollop of Splat Naturals in your shade with your regular conditioner and allowing it to process for five minutes, to give your hair a boost of color and nourishment.
  • Avoid heat and water as much as possible: use dry shampoo to extend your time between washes, and use a heat protectant on your hair whenever you’re going to use hot tools to style.

Touch up your color every 1-2 months, or as needed, at home. Incorporate these 10 pro tips into your color routine to help you achieve professional-quality results.

If you couldn’t quite tell already, Splat is a huge fan of bold, vivid, and vibrant hair color (take another look at our list full of color options above!). We believe that beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors...and the courage and confidence it takes to transform your tresses into any shade of blue is a beautiful thing.

Winter isn’t coming...winter is here. Don’t let ‘winter blues’ be a bad thing! Be bold, be blue, and be beautiful!


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