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Summer Sun Hair Care

Summer Sun Hair Care


Hair Care Education - Summer Sun Care Edition


Sun protection is all the rage these days….there’s SPF-this, and UVB-rays-that. Like everyone else out there, we love some summer fun-in-the-sun, but we’re also more aware of some of the potentially harmful effects of catching too many rays. We know that wearing SPF every single day is a must when it comes to protecting our skin, but what you may not know is that our hair also needs some extra TLC during the brightest & hottest time of the year. Read on for tips and tricks on how to protect your luscious locks this summer especially if you’ve colored or processed your hair since colored/processed hair is more prone to sun damage!


Even though the summer sun is a glorious thing, it can actually change the color of your hair by degrading its pigment, whether it’s your virgin hair or even artificial color - causing it to lighten or fade. Particles that are left in the sun for too long, along with heat and other elements, will eventually break down - and your hair dye is no exception. You can actually wind up with a totally different hair color by the time summer is over! So please - protect your color (and your overall hair health) and COVER-UP.


Tip #1: Get a trim.

The start of summer is a perfect time to get a haircut, since the blow-drying, styling, coloring, and processing you’ve done throughout the year has likely taken its toll. Get a trim (or a new style altogether) before the summer season really gets started to prevent additional damage while adding a little fresh life to your locks.



Tip #2: Use SPF - for your hair!

SPF isn’t just for your face anymore! There are tons of products available these days that help prevent harmful UVA/UVB rays from causing additional damage like drying out your hair and fading your color. A quick internet search will pull up endless options of sprays, spritzes, and sealants to protect your precious locks. Apply your spray or serum every day this summer (and bring an extra bottle in your beach tote) for some extra protection. You can even use regular SPF spray on your part to help protect your exposed skin. UVB/UVA rays can damage the hair from the inside out, just like it can with our skin. So spray on!


Tip #3: Cover it up!

One of the simplest yet most stylish ways to protect your hair from the heat this summer is by wrapping it up with a scarf or wearing a hat. Baseball caps, wide-brim hats, fedoras, or colorful scarves are a quick, easy way to protect your tresses, plus they are a quick way to dress up your unstyled hair because honestly, in the summer, who has time to blow-dry, straighten, or curl their hair on a day-to-day basis?.



Tip #4: Thoroughly drench your hair before you swim.

Before you jump into the ocean, pool, or lake this summer, douse your head with a bottle of water - or take a quick jump in the shower if you can - before your swim. Just like a sponge, wet hair is already ‘full’ of moisture - which prevents it from absorbing extra salt, chlorine, or chemicals while you swim. Just don’t forget to re-rinse or wash as soon as possible once you’re done, since chlorine and sea salt can quickly dry out your hair and fade your color.



Tip #5: Change up your shampoos and conditioners - and add in a mask!

Regularly swapping out your shampoos and conditioners throughout the year is actually a great way to avoid the unwanted buildup of product and residue. But when the summer heat hits, it’s time to bring in the big guns - think ultra-moisturizing conditioners, hair masks, and glosses. Your hair will need an extra boost of moisture this season, so we suggest bringing Splat’s Conditioning Gloss Masque into your hair care routine. Infused with coconut oil, quinoa, and a mixture of oat bran, orange peel, and baobab seed extracts, it’s a colorless boost of extra moisture that deep conditions while giving your hair a super boost of shine and lustre.



Tip #6: Skip the heat and let it loose.

Summer heat can cause frizz (which is never any fun) so try not to add any extra heat with hot tools and styling products. Trade-in your blow-dryer and straightening iron for loose buns and ponytails. Use larger hair clips, fewer bobby pins, and avoid pulling your hair back when it’s wet. Wet hair is actually more delicate than dry hair, so when you get out of the pool, ocean, or shower, just lightly towel dry your hair and let it air dry. A few spritzes of a conditioning spray, styling gel, or mouse can get you that beautiful beach wave look that’s perfect for the summer season too! It’s the one expects your hair to look perfect!


We all love the summer sun...we can get a good natural tan going, the parties last a little longer, and oh - those summer nights! But most of us don’t love the faded, frizzy effects that heat and sun exposure can have on our hair. Try incorporating the tips above into your daily summer routine to give your hair some extra tender loving care this year. Because remember, when it comes to having fun (especially fun in the sun), it’s always best to use protection!


Safety first!



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