Splat Naturals Meet Magenta

Splat Naturals Meet Magenta


In a world full of filters and contour kits, it’s nice to go ‘au naturale’ every once in a while. And now, more than ever, the world seems ready to ‘clean’ up its act as well: sustainable living, organic food, eco-friendly products, and renewable energy have grabbed our attention in the last few years, and by the looks of it, natural is here to stay. In an effort to do our part, we developed Splat Naturals Conditioning Semi-Permanent Hair Color to help you achieve lustrous, luxurious, and ultra-conditioned hair color in one simple, easy-squeezy step. Made from 95% natural ingredients and infused with hydrating oils, vitamins, and minerals, Splat Naturals are the best-kept secret in vibrant, natural hair color.

And, just in time for Valentine's Day (when love is in the hair), we're introducing the newest member of the Splat Naturals color collection...and we'd love for you to meet Magenta, a bright, bold, beautiful berry color that’s oh-so-sweet! It’s a bright pop of purply-pink color that is sure to turn heads and hearts.

At Splat, we don’t believe that ‘natural’ has to mean ‘tame.’ That’s why we developed our Naturals hair color with the idea in mind that PRIMARY colors can also be PRIMAL. We took the natural idea to a whole new level by introducing conditioning semi-permanent color in vibrant shades that are anything but basic. Who knew that ‘natural’ could mean lavender, teal, navy blue, and now even Magenta? Our Naturals collection is a BOLD new take on natural hair color - so you can take a walk on the wild side without any harmful ingredients or additives.

Here’s a look at our full collection of Naturals Conditioning Semi-Permanent Color Kits:

These ultra-conditioning, semi-permanent color kits come in squeezable pouches which means less packaging and less color waste. Just squeeze, spread, and voila! Bold, brilliant, vibrant color with no muss and no fuss.


Since we care about your hair (and our carbon footprint), we’ve upped the ante on conditioning ingredients to give you the most lustrous locks ever in one eco-friendly pouch made from 90% sustainable packaging. You can feel good knowing what you’re putting on your head (and in your trash can!).

We all know that naturally-derived products are better for the environment, which why Splat Naturals is free of harmful chemicals. This semi-permanent hair dye has:

  • NO ammonia
  • NO bleach
  • NO parabens
  • NO sulfates
  • NO fragrance
  • NO gluten

Plus, Each Naturals color pouch is infused with:

  • - Baobab Seed Oil (for moisturization, shine, and protection from UV rays)
  • - Quinoa Extract (packed with vitamins and minerals to prevent hair breakage)
  • - Pro-Vitamin B5 (to add moisture, increase shine, and condition).

Without all those harsh chemicals or ingredients, you’ll be left with nothing but bold, beautiful, vibrant color and healthier, shinier hair inside and out.

You’ll achieve the best results with the Naturals collection if you have blonde, bleached, or medium to light brown hair. If you’re already rocking a vivid color, Splat Naturals makes color maintenance easier than ever before. They’re a gentle and effective way to maintain your current color or transition into a bold new look.

When you’re ready to ‘strip down’ and go ‘au naturale’ with Splat’s Naturals color kits, try incorporating these 10 Pro Tips into your application process to help you achieve the best results. (And, as an extra tip: try spreading Vaseline everywhere your hair meets your skin - your forehead, nape of your neck, behind your ears, and so on. It’ll help protect your skin during coloring).

In just one hour of processing time, you’ll transform your tresses into brilliant, beautiful color. It’s as easy as one-two-squeeze. The thick, no-drip formula makes blending colors even easier, too - so don’t be afraid to try out a trendy technique or two, like an ombre blend, colorful highlights, or dip-dyed ends.

At Splat, we believe beauty comes in all kinds of colors, shapes, and sizes. And the more we take care of ourselves (and our world), the longer we’ll get to enjoy them! Go wild with Splat Naturals Conditioning Semi-Permanent Hair Color.

You’ll feel amazing knowing that your new, vibrant color and ultra-conditioned hair are additive-free, eco-friendly, and as easy as one-two-squeeze. It’s only natural.


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