LIMITED EDITION: Pride Inspired Singles Bundle

LIMITED EDITION: Pride Inspired Singles Bundle

It’s PRIDE MONTH everybody, which makes it a perfect time to take some PRIDE in your hair color while showing support for our LGBTQ+ community! PRIDE is very near and dear to our hearts. Splat Hair Color has been a proud sponsor of PRIDE since 2012, participating in events all over the country and through national campaigns - and this year we are celebrating with something new!

Now, we are thrilled to present our brand new, limited-edition PRIDE-inspired Bundle of individual Splat Singles. Each PRIDE Bundle includes 7 bright and bold shades to help you create your own custom color rainbow. At a special discounted price, the PRIDE hair color collection is also a great way to try a variety of different colors at a limited-time savings! To add even more reasons for you to pick up the Splat Hair Color Pride Bundle, 15% of proceeds from each Bundle will go to support LGBTQ+ youth non-profits in the Los Angeles area.


As most of us know, rainbows are used to celebrate and symbolize the LGBTQ community and Pride because of their all-inclusive nature. Rainbows represent diversity as well as togetherness - so it’s no wonder the rainbow flag became the most popular way to demonstrate support for the LGBTQ+ community back in 1978. Anyone out there who has ever struggled with feeling ‘trapped’ by structures, standards, or systems knows that sometimes it’s hard to find a safe, supportive environment to be your most authentic self - so being able to recognize these proud colors sends a beacon of hope and safety for many. The LGBTQ+ community has come far, but so many young people are still struggling to find their community. We want to dedicate this month to supporting LGBTQ+ youth by donating 15% of the proceeds of our PRIDE Bundles to LGBTQ+ non-profits in Los Angeles.


PRIDE is a celebration - a time to be the most bold you! With Summer on the horizon, and with the sun shining brighter than it has all year, it’s the perfect time to rock a new shade or two (or three, or four, or even seven!) and let your true self really electrify.


Each PRIDE Bundle includes one pack of EACH of the following shades:


  • Pink Fetish
  • Luscious Raspberries
  • Orange Fireballs
  • Lemon Drop
  • Aqua Rush
  • Bodacious Blue
  • Purple Desire


And like all of our hair color products, the singles in our PRIDE Bundle are vegan, cruelty-free, and gluten-free, which means you can feel good knowing that you’re being good to yourself and the communities around you.


Splat Singles' are a unique liquid-gel formula glides onto hair easily for bold color and is best applied with a tint bowl and brush. Whether you’re more interested in just using one or two shades, our PRIDE rainbow hair color bundle offers multiple colors for your collection at a special reduced price over buying them individually. Either way, you’ll have the freedom to pick your shade, build your color, and express yourself to your heart’s content.


Just remember to keep the following things in mind when it comes to coloring:


  • Wear gloves and loose/old clothing when coloring your hair to avoid any unwanted stains.
  • Vivid colors show up best on pre-lightened hair (the lighter, the brighter!).
  • Apply petroleum jelly around your hairline, ears, and neck to prevent staining.
  • If you’re left with brassy tones after bleaching, a purple shampoo or violet-based toner can neutralize orange tones out, allowing your dye to have its truest result.
  • Start coloring your hair about an inch away from your scalp or root part. Drag the color down the shaft of your hair, and then finish off with your roots slowly for precise control and an even application.

  • Rinse with cold/cool water and use sulfate-free/color-safe shampoos and conditioner to help lock in color for long-lasting results.


Here at Splat, we know that individualitycreativity, and freedom of expression are crucial elements in being able to look and feel your best, and when we feel our best, we help others to feel their best, too.


Take pride in your hair color not only by rocking a hot new look but by knowing that every PRIDE Bundle purchase helps LGBTQ+ youth access the resources and assistance they need to be able to take pride in themselves.


Happy Pride!

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