How To Care for Your New Hue Featuring NEW Color Conditioning Masques

How To Care for Your New Hue Featuring NEW Color Conditioning Masques

You came. You colored. You conquered.


Once you’ve completed your at-home color transformation, one of the most important ‘next steps’ is learning how to care for your new color. With a brand new you, it’s time to consider how to care for your brand new hue!


Let’s talk about the number one offender of your fading color: H20. Water is the number one offender when it comes to fading your color, especially when the water is warm or hot. When water interacts with your hair dye, it breaks down the color molecules and contributes to it fading over time. To make matters worse, many shampoos and conditioners contain sulfates, which is a deep clarifying ingredient that breaks down and washes away build-up - the downside being that it considers your freshly-colored dye as the build-up.


We can’t exactly stop washing our hair entirely, but there are several preventative measures we can take to help prolong the longevity of your new color and to help keep its luster intact:

  • Use cool/cold water when washing and rinsing your hair.
  • Use color-safe, sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners.
  • Prolong your time between washes – dry shampoo are a huge help!
  • Use a heat protectant spray or cream after washing your hair if you plan on using hot tools or blow-drying your hair. 
  • Incorporate a color masque - like Splat’s brand new Conditioning Color Depositing Masques - that matches your color family and process for 5 minutes, 1-2x weekly to keep your color fresh. If your color is already faded, just process for a bit longer until your desired vibrancy. 
  • Incorporate a hair gloss – like our NEW Conditioning Gloss - into your routine for a boost of shine and to help seal in your color.


And speaking of masques...


At Splat, we want to help you protect, maintain, and retain your brand new look, so we’ve developed an all-new collection of ultra-conditioning hair masques to give your hair a brilliant burst of moisture, shine, and even a color refresh. Splat Conditioning Color Masques are an intermediate step to help you retain and maintain your fabulous new color in between color jobs. 


Each Conditioning Color Masque contains Baobab Seed Extract (a natural protein that helps with color retention) and Quinoa (to protect hair from UV damage that can contribute to color fading). Just apply the Color Masque to clean, damp hair and let it sit for about 3 minutes (or up to 20 if you’re wanting a full saturation on faded hair in one sitting). Rinse thoroughly, blow-dry, and style.


Our color masques come in three gorgeous shades (Purple, Teal, and Fuschia) and they’re designed to help create, retain, and revamp your new look. Try using them in any of the four ways listed below to add dimension to your look, create a new color, change your color’s tone, or simply for a boost of pigment in-between color jobs.


Four Ways To Use Color Masques

1. Add Pigment to Pre-Lightened Hair: If your hair has already been lightened or bleached, or is naturally blonde, color masques are simple & effective ways to add pigment to your hair. They’re strong enough to deposit color directly onto your blonde or pre-lightened hair, which makes them an innovative way to create color where you don’t already have it - in as little as 3 minutes!


2. As a Color-Refresher In Between Dye Jobs: If you’ve already colored your hair and you’re looking for a way to spice it up, a masque will help refresh your look in between color jobs. Just use a masque from your color family for a boost of pigment if your original color is starting to dull or fade.

    • If your go-to color is light pink or pastel, you can even replace your dyes with a weekly masque (using Fuschia).
    • If you normally go for an ultra-vibrant or intensely vivid color (like Pink Fetish or Blue Envy), use a weekly color masque to refresh your color before it’s time to fully color your hair again.


3. Add Dimension to Your Overall Look: By applying the masque to specific sections of your hair, you’ll add depth and dimension where it may be lacking. Try adding it to your roots only, or in chunky highlights throughout your hair, or by dip-dyeing your ends. A little dimension goes a long way and can really revamp your look. For a super simple process, you’ll be left with stunning results.


4. Change the Tone of Your Color (And Help You Transition to a New Shade): If your current color has started to fade and you’re trying to transition into a new shade, our color masques can help to change the overall tone of your color. Fuschia can add warmth, Purple can help cool down your color, and Teal can be used to transition towards blues and greens. Use a masque weekly to kick-start your way to your next color.

Not looking to add additional color? Our NEW Crystal Clear Gloss Masque is just for you. Whether you have colored hair or not, use this gloss for a boost of moisture and shine - as well as protect your color, if you’ve got it.

Our new Gloss Masque is a colorless conditioning treatment that’s great for:

  • All hair types and colors (colored or virgin) as a conditioning gloss treatment
  • A boost of added shine or a pick-me-up for dull or faded hair
  • A quick fix to hydrate and condition dry, brittle hair
  • Sealing the cuticle after washing, locking in moisture (and any color you wish you protect)


In addition to Baobab Seed Extract and Quinoa, the Gloss Masque is also packed with:

  • Coconut Oil, to help soften your hair and increase moisture and shine
  • Oat Bran Extract, which is rich in Omega-6 fatty acids to help add additional moisture
  • Orange Peel Extract, which promotes healthy hair growth and has anti-aging benefits


You don’t have to have colored hair for it to need a little pick-me-up, and our Crystal Clear Gloss Masque can be used weekly to help revamp and refresh your hair. As we know, all kinds of things can contribute to your natural hair looking dull, lackluster, or faded, including the weather (UV rays, sunlight, and heat), styling products, over-cleansing, and (as we mentioned before), regularly using warm or hot water to wash and rinse your hair.  Our Gloss Masque is made with ultra-nutritious ingredients to hydrate and condition your hair and bring it back to tip-top shape - no color required.


We can’t exactly avoid the things that contribute to faded color or the occasional dull, lackluster hair. But incorporating some color retention tips and tricks into your hair routine can help you maintain your color and prevent early fading. And when your hair feels ready for a much-needed shot of adrenaline, add a Conditioning Color Masque or Conditioning Gloss Masque into your weekly routine!


In the time it takes you to order a caffeine-packed latte, your hair can have a pick-me-up of its own.


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