Festival Hair Trends: How to Get the Look

Festival Hair Trends: How to Get the Look


Festival Hair Trends: How to Get the Look


It’s about to get loud! Two years after the live music stopped due to the pandemic, festivals are back, and tbh, we can’t wait! Whether it’s alternative, country, electronica, or rock, organizers, promoters, and artists across the country are primed and ready to entertain you and thousands of your closest friends. Here’s our take on hair trends for some of the more popular shows and how to get the look using your favorite Splat hair colors.


Festival: Coachella

Dates: April 15-24

The Vibe: Coachella showcases established musical artists, typically with major acts headlining the two stages each day. Often referred to as one of the greatest music festivals in the world, it most definitely is one of the highest grossing and is known for its surprise collabs and appearances. It attracts a mix of attendees, including celebs, fashionistas, and foodies.

Trend: Pretty Pastels!

How to Get the Look: Looking for softer, paler tones? Splat Pastel Mixer is a must have. Formulated for use with direct dyes, like our Splat Naturals line, it turns any vivid color into a pastel shade. You can also use it to create the perfect, pretty pastels of your dreams. The silicone-free formula is safe and gentle on hair.


Festival: Stagecoach

Dates: April 29 – May 1

The Vibe: Stagecoach is the sister festival of Coachella but for the country music fan. Attendance surpasses expectations annually, and you’ll still see celebs and concert goers of all ages. There’s plenty to do in addition to watching your favorite artists, including shopping, eating, and riding the Ferris Wheel.

Trend: Blondes!

How to Get the Look: Brilliant Bleach is a 40-volume creamy blue bleach formula that delivers brilliant blonde results with up to 8 levels of lift. Ideal for highlights, the easy-to-use kit includes a tint bowl and brush for precise and controlled coverage, a Toning Shampoo rich in purple pigments that helps neutralize yellow tones for brighter results, and a Toning Conditioner. The sulfate-free, gentle formulation is safe for processed hair and contains Quinoa, Baobab, Avocado Oil, and Coconut Oil for maximum moisture.


Festival: Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) Vegas

Dates: May 20-22

The Vibe: Multiple stages, incredible light shows, and the biggest names in electronica are just some of the reasons people attend EDC. Think local rave on steroids. Each stage represents a forging of technology and nature, bringing this unique world to life to create an experience that lasts a lifetime.

Trend: Bold, Vivid Colors!

How to Get the Look: Splat Naturals contain a 95% natural formula with an ultra-conditioning base, that doesn’t require bleach. Infused with Baobab Seed Oil, Quinoa Extracts, and Pro-Vitamin B5 for extra hydration, colors turn out shiny and vivid without damaging hair. Bold enough to make an impact on brown hair, the colors are also perfect for blondes.


Festival: Lollapalooza

Dates: July 28-31

The Vibe: This 4-day music festival takes place in Chicago and features eight stages. More than 170 bands from all over the world will rock out inside the historic Grant Park. Expect a mix of rock and hip hop and super large crowds. More than 400,000 people attended last year.

Trend: Rocker Chic!

How to Get the Look: Splat Melts are professionally curated kits containing pre-measured lightening bleach in addition to one semi-permanent natural brown hair color and one semi-permanent vivid hair color. Choose from Milk Chocolate & Purple Plum, Milk Chocolate & Mixed BerriesDark Chocolate & Blueberry, or Dark Chocolate & Strawberry for the ultimate sweet treat. The semi-permanent color gives hair dimension, depth, and shine while designed to gradually fade within 30 washes without stripping strands of essential moisture.

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