Double Down at Home With Splat’s NEW Double Lift Permanent Hair Color

Double Down at Home With Splat’s NEW Double Lift Permanent Hair Color

It’s a new year, and it’s time for a new YOU. We spent most of 2020 at home, deep in self-reflection while learning more about ourselves and what we truly value in life. After a year of meditation, self-care, and self-reflection, it’s time to take 2021 by the horns and become our true, authentic selves! Say goodbye to hiding behind the (metaphorical) mask and say hello to becoming the boldest, most vibrant version of you. And if a deeper, bolder, permanent hair color is on your list of new year’s resolutions, then Splat’s NEW Double Lift Permanent Bold Hair Color kit might be your best accessory.

We’re proud to introduce Splat’s new, first-ever permanent hair color kit: the Double Lift Permanent Bold color kit.

Turn your dark tresses into bold, vibrant, permanent color from root to tip in ONE transforming step. The Double Lift hair color kit provides an easy-to-apply cream formula that lifts AND deposits bold color, eliminating the need for bleach - so you can start the new year as a ‘new more authentic you’ in ONE simple step.

Here’s everything you need to know about the new Double Lift Permanent Bold color kit:

  • Each kit contains everything you need to transform your medium/light brown hair into permanent, vibrant color: color cream, developer, color concentrate, a deep reconstructing conditioner, 1 pair of gloves, 1 processing cap, and instructions.
  • Each kit is designed to penetrate the hair shaft and lift your hair up to 4 levels before depositing bold, permanent color.
  • There are 4 vibrant shades to choose from: Envy Me (green), Iconic Red (warm red), Plum Siren (cool red), & Violet Vibes (purple).
  • The Double Lift color kit is ideal for virgin or medium/dark brown hair. It’s not recommended for hair that has been previously-colored with dark brown or darker, or for hair that has been bleached.
  • Each kit is vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free, and bleach-free.

What’s different about the Double Lift formula?

  • With double the lifting power, Splat’s Double Lift kit revolutionizes the traditional lifting formula, eliminating the need for bleach while delivering vibrant root-to-tip color in ONE transforming step.
  • The Double Lift kit works by lifting your hair color 4 levels before depositing its bold, permanent color.
  • Each color kit contains a color-boosting formula to achieve bold, vibrant results in a single 45-minute process.
  • The Double Lift cream formula is designed for easy & less-bleed application - which means no mess and less stress!
  • Because of its oxidative lifting process, Double Lift is not recommended for previously color-treated or bleached hair. Ideal results work with virgin or medium/dark brown hair.
  • Each kit contains instructions on how to maintain your vibrant new color.
The Double Lift Permanent Bold Color kit works differently than Splat’s original semi-permanent complete color kits in that it achieves the same results of a two-step process in one single step without using bleach.

Most semi-permanent hair color kits work by depositing fully-formed color molecules onto your hair without penetrating the hair shaft. This means that the color you’re trying to achieve is put directly onto the color you already have. The color doesn’t penetrate the hair’s cuticle, so the color can’t achieve permanent results.

The Double Lift Permanent color kit works by first lifting your hair 4 levels (which opens the hair shaft and cuticle) before depositing the bold, permanent color onto your hair cuticle. The two-step process is achieved in ONE simple step that gives you bold, vibrant, and permanent hair color.

The two-step, oxidative process of the Double Lift color kit penetrates the hair shaft, opens the cuticle, lifts your current color by 4 levels, and then deposits permanent color.

This means that you can transform your virgin or medium/light brown hair into a deep, emerald green (Envy Me), a vibrant violet (Violet Vibes), a bold, warm red (Iconic Red), or a vibrant cool red (Plum Siren) in ONE simple process, and in only 45 minutes.

Since previously-color treated or bleached hair has already undergone a lifting process, it’s best to use the Double Lift color kit on virgin hair or medium/dark brown hair so that the ideal results can be achieved.
  • Hair that has been previously colored, bleached, or darkened may not achieve the same results. Applying Double Lift Permanent Color to previously-processed hair will ONLY deposit color onto hair
  • If your hair has been processed or bleached previously then Double Lift will lift your processed hair and virgin hair differently, which can lead to uneven coloring.
  • Your virgin, non-processed hair will lift at a different level than your previously-processed hair. (Picture a child’s coloring book: if you use a red crayon to color over a section that’s already been colored yellow, you won’t get’ll get o! You’ll only get red if you color over a white area- clean slate).
  • When it comes to gray or pre-lightened hair, keep in mind that our Double Lift formula was created to work double-time to get bold results. If your hair is already pre-bleached it can compromise the hair, which is already void of color. When it comes to gray hair, that is void of melanin (color), the formula will only have the ability to deposit.
  • If your hair was prelighted to a medium brown or lighter with another oxidative color Double Lift will be able to deposit color only, as the formula cannot lift any existing color that is already on the hair.
  • Best for medium-dark to dark brown hair. Results will vary depending on starting level. Starting levels of light brown to blonde will not result in the shades represented here.
Splat cares about the integrity of your hair, so we’ve added Aloe Vera and Soy Protein to our color-lifting formula.
  • Aloe Vera helps to retain moisture to smooth and soften hair.
  • Soy Protein helps to smooth hair and improve shine.
  • Each Double Lift kit also contains a deep reconstructing conditioner to help you protect and maintain your new, vibrant hair color.
How to Apply Double Lift:

How to Maintain Your New Color:
  • Rinse and wash your hair using cool water and sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner.
  • Use a heat protectant spray or cream if you use hot tools to dry or style your hair. (Heat affects the hydrogen bonds in your hair, which can fade your hair color).
  • Retouch and refresh your color every 4-6 weeks using the instructions included in every Double Lift color kit.
  • Add a color-protecting conditioner (like Splat’s ColorLock Cleanser coming in March 2021) to your regimen to maintain and refresh your existing color.

Join us as we wave goodbye to the past (see ya, 2020!) and start the new year off right with a fresh new look by skipping the bleach and moving straight to bold, permanent color with Splat’s new Double Lift Permanent Bold Color kit. Transform the dullness of 2020 into a vibrant new look for 2021!

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