Bleach, Don’t Kill My Vibe! The Best Splat Shades for Brown Hair

Bleach, Don’t Kill My Vibe! The Best Splat Shades for Brown Hair

The Best Splat Hair Dye Shades for Brown Hair


We live in a land of opportunity and a world that believes in freedom of expression. And that means equal rights and access for all! Here at Splat, we’ve built our brand based off of our love for vibrant and vivid hair color.  But we know that not everyone wants to bleach or lighten their hair all the time. It’s perfectly possible to transform your look without using bleach, and we’ve developed a number of products and shades to help you achieve a bold and beautiful new look that’s bleach-free. 

Don’t get us wrong. We LOVE bleach and all its uses (see our ode to bleach here at our BLEACH article) but if you’re not feeling too “bleachy-keen,” you can still get inspired to change your look using our Double Lift Permanent Hair Color kits or our Semi-Permanent Midnight kits. Their bleach-free formulas are super-pigmented with bold, rich, luxurious color and are best achieved on light, medium, or dark brown hair.

Our Double Lift Permanent kits really do double-duty by first lifting your natural hair color (up to 4 levels), then depositing permanent color deep into your hair’s cuticle - which takes care of both the lifting and depositing of bold color in ONE simple step.

If you’re new to coloring your hair, keep in mind that permanent hair color is (as its name suggests) a permanent change where the color deposits deep into the cuticle of your hair shaft.

    Our Midnight kits work just like our original color kits by depositing super-pigmented, long-lasting, semi-permanent dye onto your current hair color. The midnight colors are formulated with darker pigmentation, allowing them to show up better on medium and darker hair.

    • If you’ve colored your hair in the past (as so many of us have done during the pandemic lockdown!), or if you’re looking for a short-term change, then our semi-permanent Midnight Kits are a great alternative!

    With either no-bleach-step option above, you’ll achieve the deepest, darkest shades of red, blues, indigos, plums, and violets in one simple application.


    Light to Medium Brown Hair:

    Medium to Dark Brown Hair:

    All of the products above can help transform your look without using any bleach or lightening powder. While they may be bleach-free, you should still practice safe ‘color-at-home’ tips and tricks to keep you (and your neckline, and maybe your sink!) stain-free:

    • Wear gloves (included in each of our color kits)! Always wear gloves when coloring your hair, no matter what type of dye you’re using and even if you’re not using bleach.
    • Wear old, loose clothing that you can remove easily and that can withstand a few stains.
    • Spread Vaseline or petroleum jelly around the nape of your neck and around your hairline to prevent staining.
    • Part your hair in sections and start applying color about an inch away from your roots. Color your roots last since the heat from your head actually speeds up the coloring process. This will help ensure an even application.
    • Rinse your hair with cool or lukewarm water and color-safe/sulfate-free shampoo. This will help lock in your color and protect it from fading.

    If and when you’re ready to refresh your color, we suggest using our NEW Ultra Conditioning Color Glosses and Masques to give you a boost of shine and gloss.

    Like we said before, we LOVE a good look. We believe in the power of head-turning, jaw-dropping, and confidence-boosting hair color. But for some of us, bleaching/lightening our hair isn’t really on our to-do list. If you’re ready to say, “bleach, don’t kill my vibe” but still want to achieve a new look that’s bold in color and deep in dimension, then try one of our Double Lift Permanent Color kits or Midnight color kits.

    Freedom is a beautiful thing! And if you’re currently on a bleach-free journey, just know that at Splat – we salute you.

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