Are You Red-Y? For Valentines Day?

Are You Red-Y? For Valentines Day?

Roses Are Red
Hair Can Be Too
How Do You Pick
Your Valentine Hue

From the time we are kids, we learn to identify colors with calendar holidays. Red and pink are Valentine’s Day all the way. Who remembers going to the store and picking out boxes of red cards and pink candy hearts to gift your classmates with? You’d spend extra time decorating the envelopes for the ones you had crushes on, and you’d spend hours once you got home from school trying to figure out how many of them liked you back.


Now you’re grown up (mostly), and whether you’re spending Valentine’s Day with your significant other, your best friends, or alone, know you are loved beyond measure. Since this holiday is all about expression, it’s the perfect time to follow your heart and choose a new hair hue from the red and pink color palettes available from Splat. Designed for temporary, semi-permanent or permanent application at home, there are more than 28 red and pink shades to choose from, making it easy to display your love language for the world to see.


Are You Red-Y?

Hair color is one of the most powerful visual statements you can make. Think of red as a neutral. Yes, really. There’s a shade for every skin tone, and the perfect red will flatter each one. Skin looks luminous. Teeth look whiter. Red evokes strength, passion and vibrance so go ahead and choose from a variety of hues that range from bright red to deep crimson.


Splat Hair Color offers 13 red shades, including our latest launch Whipped Cherry. Create the red hair of your dreams from the comfort of your own home. Customize your color by mixing two different Splat shades from the same collection or add Splat's Pastel Mixer to create dimension. Go full-on red or add accent pieces to the crown for a bold pop of color.


Think Pink

Instead of reaching for red to keep all eyes focused on your sweet face, think pink. A feminine and subtle alternative to red, pink is often associated with softness, kindness, and compassion. It tones down the physical passion of red and replaces it with a gentle, loving energy. 


Splat offers 15 pink shades, including the new Midnight Pink Sapphire. Shades range from cotton candy pink to hot pink to bold magentas and last between one wash to 30 days. Whichever choice you make, we have no doubt you’ll be tickled pink with the results.

So, what will it be Splat Squad? Red or pink? You can’t go wrong with either as both evoke feelings of love, and really, is there any greater feeling?

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