Express Yourself

Express Yourself

The ability to express one’s true self through fashion and beauty has been part of our cultural experience for generations. Anything outside of what was deemed “normal” by society was considered rebellion, which was in fact a true misnomer for anyone who dared to be different. But as societal norms changed, our creativity had no limits.


One of the most common forms of self-expression is through hair color. We wanted to hear how hair color has impacted your world, whether it’s through a shot in the arm when it comes to boosting confidence or simply living in your truth. Check out what some of your fellow color lovers had to say below…


Name: Elise Kuri

Age: 19

Fave Head Turning Shade: Hot Pink

“The great thing about hair color is it’s only color! It’s not like it’s anything permanent. So, if for some reason down the road I’m not feeling my signature hot pink, I’ll figure out how to switch it up and do something different. For me, coloring my hair is all about control. I get to choose what I think looks good based on my mood or the season or whatever. I’m lucky enough to have a job where hair color doesn’t matter. Honestly, I feel bad for corporate America.”


Name: Lucia Samuelson

Age: 22

Fave Head Turning Shade: Midnight Indigo

“I’m a natural blonde so how cool is it that I can play with all these bright colors?! My latest obsession is dipping my ends. I just think the contrast between light and dark looks so cool. From the top, my hair is still kind of classic, but the ends have this edge that helps me feel bolder than I am. It’s like armor of sorts. There’s just a confidence that comes along when I debut a new hair color. I WANT people to stare because it makes me feel like they are admiring my style. It’s like, yeah, I did that!”


Name: Tonya Murphy

Age: 18

Fave Head Turning Shade: Dark Silver

“I went to a private high school, so we weren’t allowed to color our hair. But once I left for college, it’s kind of like I no longer had to follow any rules. My roommates and I started experimenting, and it’s really brought us closer together, which helped me adapt to dorm living a lot. I love the silver shades because they are so out of the norm for someone my age. People always do a double take!”

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