How To Remove Splat Hair Color: Bleach & Color Remover vs. Bleach Wash

How To Remove Splat Hair Color: Bleach & Color Remover vs. Bleach Wash





Everybody loves a good hair color, but every now and then, we wind up wishing that we could just get rid of it. Perhaps you’ve made a hair color mistake (more about that here) or your color has started to fade. Maybe you’ve tried to dye your hair red and wound up with orange, or your aqua blue color has faded to a dull green, or maybe you’ve just grown tired of the purple streaks you put in your hair last Halloween….Whatever the case may be, if you’ve ever found yourself with a hair color you no longer want to have, then you know that it takes time, patience, and a little bit of science to help you get back to where you want to go! We’re here to help you understand three common ways to remove the color from your hair, as well as HOW and WHY these methods work. But we also want to point out that when it comes to semi-permanent color, using a BLEACH WASH is more gentle than fully concentrated bleach and more effective than over-the-counter “hair color removers”.


And, as a friendly reminder hair dye works by layering color on top of the color you already have. Our color theory blog explains how color layering works. You can also check out our video for another safe-but-effective color removal technique that explains how to transition into a new shade using our Naturals collection if you’re trying to cover one color over another that just won’t work.


BLEACH, COLOR REMOVER, and BLEACH WASHES all work to pull color from your hair, but they work in different ways depending on what you’re trying to achieve. Most people tend to lean towards directly bleaching their hair, using over-the-counter color removers, or using a Vitamin C/baking soda mixture to remove the color from their hair.


We actually recommend using the Vitamin C/baking soda method first before moving onto bleach - it can help speed up the bleaching process, which is ultimately safer for your hair! Start by mixing equal parts baking soda with a clarifying shampoo and let this sit on the sections of your hair where you want the color removed. Then, crush some Vitamin C tablets (you can find them at Walmart) and let that sit on your hair for processing. This will help pull color from your hair, but be sure to follow it up with a bleach wash since this method doesn’t often fully remove stubborn/dark colors.




  • COLOR REMOVERS work differently than bleach in that they don’t do anything to your natural hair color. They work just as the name implies – by removing color you’ve deposited onto your hair. They’re more gentle than bleach in many respects, but they’re also less effective when it comes to semi-permanent, direct dyes especially in bold or vivid colors. This means a color remover over green, blue or purple may fade the color and alter it, allowing you a better canvas for color-correction but often will not remove it completely. Over-the-counter color removers are better intended for oxidative, permanent colors, like Splat Double Lift Permanent. 

  • BLEACH is one of the strongest hair processes out there, so when you use bleach, you mean business! Bleach, along with the ammonia and peroxide in your bleach mixture, works by deeply penetrating the hair and removing color pigment including both the artificial color (dye) as well as your actual virgin or natural hair color. Directly bleaching your hair is the strongest, most powerful way to quickly remove color, but as we all know, it’s a heavy-duty process that can leave hair damaged if it’s done too often. This is true especially if you’ve already bleached or processed your hair and then want to remove it right away. Stick to using bleach only when you’re ready to color your hair, and consider a bleach wash instead if you simply want to remove it.




  • BLEACH WASHES are one of the most common color removal techniques for semi-permanent color, as they’re a GREAT way to lighten or remove your existing shade with a bit less damage than a fully-concentrated bleach application. Although a bleach wash is less damaging than directly bleaching your hair, it is still more effective at removing semi-permanent color than over-the-counter color removers. It works great on bright, bold, and vivid colors (like your favorite Splat shades) and is a good place to start when a Vitamin C treatment hasn’t quite done the trick, and a bleaching session is out of the question.
    • Start by mixing one of Splat’s Original Lightening kits with ½ cup of clarifying shampoo. You can also add a ½ cup of water if you want to dilute the formula even further.
    • Part your hair into sections and apply the bleach wash directly to the areas where you want the color removed.
    • Start near your part and work your way through the ends of your hair. Be careful not to apply to regrowth, as you may see a lightening effect there.
    • Allow to process for up to 30 minutes, and check it often so that it doesn’t overprocess.
    • Shampoo and rinse thoroughly with warm water.




Lastly, keep in mind that after using any color removing technique or product – including a bleach wash – you’ll want to deep condition your hair with a restorative hair mask, like Splat’s Crystal Clear Gloss to bring it back to tip-top shape! Our colorless gloss is infused with quinoa, coconut oil, and baobab/orange peel/oat bran extracts, so it’s a quick and easy way to increase moisture and shine - for all hair types and colors. Use it once a week for best results.


So the next time you want to remove your hair color in a safegentle, but effective way - and your color is too tough to respond to a vitamin c/baking soda treatment, try using a BLEACH WASH as opposed to direct bleach or a color remover product. And keep following our blogs for more tips and tricks related to our favorite hair color trends and topics!

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