Midnight Ruby

Everything you need extremely vivid color!

Splat Midnight collection is a semi-permanent fantasy hair color that is easy to apply. Formulated for brunettes it conditions your hair while you color and there is NO BLEACH necessary! Go from boring to fabulous with this all in one kit in just minutes! Splat midnight collection leaves your hair looking and feeling fresh and bright! Try this kit today.



Splat Midnight Ruby Kit

Complete Kits Include:

Splat Ruby Hair Color (6oz.)

Easy-to-Follow Instructions & Gloves


Available at drug/retail stores & online


Tips & Questions


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Q. How do I Dip Dye my hair with Splat?

A. Section off the hair you want to dip dye. Use a rubber band to isolate the ends. Bleach the ends of your hair, following all of the bleach directions from Splat. Then apply Splat color to bleached ends after the hair is washed and dried completely. Use 1 color or several color to the strands of choice. Follow the all of the Splat coloring directions.


Q. What is a good way to prevent the color from getting on my skin and staining it?

A. Apply Vaseline or conditioner around the hairline, forehead, and on the ears. Wear protective gloves.


Q. Do you have to bleach your hair before using Splat?

A. No. Bleaching hair will provide deep vibrant colors that will last much longer. Non-bleached hair will have a very subtle hint of color and will fade very quickly.


Q. If I don't use the bleach and just use the color, can I expect the color to last as long?

A. No, the color will be subtle and will wash off fairly quickly.


Q. How can I prevent the color from bleeding onto my clothes, skin, and bed sheets?

A. Use a hair dresser's cape or towel to protect clothing and counter tops. Use Vaseline on forehead and ears to protect from staining. Make sure hair is completely dry before going to bed.







Splat Midnight Instructions




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